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[audio]chuck norris
me and my bff ranting about chuck norris
Keywords: Chuck Norris
Downloads: 29
[audio]CNR001 - CN Radio
t h e c n r 0 0 1 is a chuck norris fact. Chuck norris pushes the earth down when he does push ups.
Keywords: chuck norris fact
Downloads: 67
[audio]chuck norris vs. everything - SkunkBoy
breakcore track i made under the influence of some rather delightful substances
Keywords: breakcore hate chuck norris everything
Downloads: 84
[audio]Episode 32 - Our Listeners Rock! - The Guys
Having just returned from Podcamp Ohio, The Guys discuss their experience, as well as some random facts about chuck norris.
Keywords: podcast; chuck norris; movies; podcamp ohio; podcampohio
Downloads: 160
[audio]FFTC034 - Mike and Marty
Episode 34 features two films that seem, on the surface, to have only David Carradine in common.  The connections go deeper though, since both films were originally slated to star Bruce Lee before his untimely death in 1973. We start with 1978s Circle of Iron, AKA "The Silent Flute". This film has quite an impressive cast, including Mr. Carradine, Roddy McDowall and Christopher Lee and Eli Wallach in a thoroughly bizarre role...
Keywords: Bruce Lee; Podcast; Chuck Norris; David Carradine
Downloads: 89
[movies]The Praises of Chuck Norris - Adam Hogan
In this Hogan's Life episode, Adam Hogan and friends explain the rumors going around about Chuck Norris.
Keywords: Chuck Norris; Hogan's Life; Awesome; Martial Arts
Downloads: 1,635
[audio]The Alex Jones Radio Show - Commercial Free - 2008.10.01 - Alex Jones
Alex welcomes back former Minnesota governor, retired professional wrestler, Navy UDT veteran, actor, and former radio and television talk show host Jesse Ventura. Also, Alex interviews American martial artist, action star and television and film actor Chuck Norris about his new book Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America and what Norris thinks can be done to fix the numerous problems we face...
Keywords: alex jones; alexjones; jesse ventura; ventura; chuck norris; chucknorris
Downloads: 59
[audio]Alex Jones Radio Show 2008.10.12 - Alex Jones
The Alex Jones Radio Show - Broadcast - 2008.10.12 ================================================== No show description available ================================================== Please support the Alex Jones Radio Show by purchasing movies, books, frequenting his advertisers or subscribing to This broadcast is shared with the hope of informing the general public in this format...
Keywords: alex jones; alexjones; jesse ventura; ventura; chuck norris; chucknorris
Downloads: 40
[audio]Natsukashi Episode VIII: Silent Rage - rob rector
Rupert Pupkin roundhouse kicks down memory lane with the forgotten Chuck Norris classic 'Silent Rage.'
Keywords: chuck norris; movie; karate; action; film review; nostalgia; 80s
Downloads: 178
[audio]Abschaltimpuls006-Titel - Fesra&Elli
Fesra & Elli vom Abschaltimpuls reden über die Halle der Monumente und Titel E-Mail:
Keywords: Fesra; Elli; al'Ellisande; Guild Wars; Abschaltimpuls; Tiel; Halle der Monumente; Chuck Norris
Downloads: 233
[audio]First Time Watchers Episode 63 The Octagon
in which our intrepid trio review Chuck Norris in The Octagon
Keywords: podcast; film; movie; review; critic; funny; ninja; the octagon; Chuck Norris
Downloads: 16
[movies]Funny or Die Video 845b7c6820: Magical Music - Funny or Die
Music is Awesome
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Music Is; awesome; funny; great; is; music; throw
Downloads: 4
[audio]Pedro Maslez Funcking On Mars - pedromaslez
funky house set
Keywords: pedro maslez; todd terje; mario basanov; peter visti; max essa; prins thomas; chuck norris
Downloads: 2
[audio]Dirty Cabin Weekly Episode 14 - Dirty Cabin Records
This week we discuss our new favorite local band and Chuck Norris' 71st birthday in all it's glory. We also receive a call from Tony Danza.
Keywords: Tony Danza; Chuck Norris; Dirty Cabin Records; Dirty Cabin Weekly; Randy Boen; Curt Redding; Jesse Meeks
Downloads: 21
[audio]First Time Watchers - Episode 63 - The Octagon
in which our intrepid trio discuss Chuck Norris in...The Octagon!
Keywords: podcast; film; movie; review; critic; funny; ninja; the ocatgon; Chuck Norris
Downloads: 53
[audio]TheAvod Episode 148: Films Lessened by the Inclusion of Chuck Norris - Count Vardulon
This week DM and the Count are joined by Puck of Moviescum! They celebrate the team-up by watching all of Chuck Norris' adventures in the horror genre!
Keywords: theavod; podcast; movies; horror; alan tudyk; chuck norris; silent rage; the hero and the terror; hellbound
Downloads: 45
[movies]"Skin Heads and Corn Dogs" Ep. 2
Captain Smith sends Sgt. Dick Peterson to Colorado to locate a criminal that is wanted in CA on drug charges and ties to the KKK. Will Peterson be able to bring the criminal to justice?... In one piece?...
Keywords: funny; comedy; undercover; cops; actor bobby joyner; chuck norris; parody; ass kicking; snowboarding; mountains
Downloads: 5
[texts]ObamagramInformationwithChuckNorris - Medium Scribe
Timely and Incredibly amazing most poetic stories from Our Creator. There is no doubt about it, as the 'odds' of there being three complete, and accurate stories, made by all known anagrams of the name (and title) of the president, is some sort of random coincidence is 1 to thousands of trillions, or much less. The simple fact is, that this is no coincidence and Our Creator is the most marvelous eternal intelligence; well beyond any before perceptions...
Keywords: obama scrolls; obamagram scrolls; obamagram; obamagram code; obamagrams; anagrams of president obama; anagrams of obama; the obamagram code; the obamagram; 100+obamagrams; 100; 200+; 200+ obamagrams; obama anagrams; obamagram code; timely warning stories from Creation; Chuck Norris; Obamagrams Chuck Norris
Downloads: 111
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6c7daff20b: True Pain Teaser - Funny or Die
Just an attempt that i made in like 2 hours
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Made In; The Balls; funny; hilarious; hit; in; movie; pain; preview; teaser; true
Downloads: 7
[movies]Funny or Die Video 51d2ed1541: Real People: Real Problems - Funny or Die
Chuck Bradford faces everyday life with a serious and rare addiction.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Bradford; Chuck Norris; Real People; True Life; addiction; comedy parody; everyday life; funny; pooping
Downloads: 7
[movies]Funny or Die Video 5976: Sonic Guys: Chuck Norris - Funny or Die
The end of pi is Chuck Norris he is the end of all things
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Josh Taylor; Nathan Moore; The End; The End of All Things; sonic
Downloads: 17
[texts]Advertisement: Xonox Double Enders
The Xonox Double Enders are Best.... Independent testing with Kids ages 9 through 16 ranked the Xonox Double-Enders against the top 10 VCS games, and they ratest BEST OVERALL! This is the cartridge with two games, where you flipped the cartridge around to play the other side. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine.
Keywords: graphics; commodore; norris; Flyers; Computer History; Sales; Catalogs; Leaflets; Mailings; ghost; vcs; colecovisionr; joystick; xonox; chuck norris
Downloads: 101
[movies]Funny or Die Video 3ec7cb2f90: Chuck Norris is Still Cool - Funny or Die
Comedy Short by Montreal's Jon Lajoie.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Comedy short; Jon Lajoie; Pointless Profanity; bush; commercial; ferrell; gay; shakespeare
Downloads: 7
[movies]Expendables 2 movie review by Armchair Directors
Yippie-kay-yay, the legends are back!
Keywords: arts&culture; armchair directors; movie; review; action; 80s; arnold; stallone; willis; chuck norris; van damme; crews; statham
Downloads: 11
[audio]JFD 173 - Kevin, Parker & Sean
At ease, soldier! Get ready for guns, muscles and explosions as we kick off Shock & Awe-gust, our month-long salute to the craziest action flicks ever with a balls-to-the-wall WAR/COMBAT-themed show!Up first, what happens when a covert mercenary training camp kidnaps people to hunt for practice, only to accidentally capture an elite, specially trained killing machine in the form of Ted Prior? Well, if you've seen any adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game, you probably have a good idea...
Keywords: Junk Food Dinner; podcast; film; movie; cult; action; Deadly Prey; Dark of the Sun; Missing in Action; Chuck Norris
Downloads: 670
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6187c5c540: HALF BEARD MAN - Funny or Die
half beard man commercial
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Andy Patton; Chuck Norris; Nancy Grace; Party boy; beard; comedy; douchebag; hairy; half; hilarious; man
Downloads: 17
[audio]Crazy Creepy Cool Movies - Hero and the Terror
Chuck Norris once fought a monster, and...oh, forget the jokes.  It's Hero and the Terror on this week's CCCM.
Keywords: Chuck Norris; monster; terror; Hero and the Terror; Canon; Golan Globus; 80s; action; horror; scary; movie; film
Downloads: 96
[audio]BV Podcast 0029 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
We're back, and we fear Chuck Norris: * This Chuck Norris site is a riot! * Tune 1: Watercolors by Bill * Our digital rights are eroding again o Google fights the good fight against the DOJ o We don't salute the Broadcast flag * New Steven Soderbergh film, Bubble, is released under new distribution model * Tune 2: Almond Sculpture by Reason Disappears * Vin: Old Faithful...I mean 2003 Rosemount Shiraz * On Film: The Squid and the Whale
Keywords: Chuck Norris; Watercolors; Bill; Digital Rights; Civil Rights; Rights; Google; DOJ; Broadcast Flag; Steven Soderbergh; Bubble; Almond Sculpture; Reason Disappears; Rosemount; Shiraz; The Squid and the Whale
Downloads: 324
[movies]Michael Mercy on 570 News Radio: Expendables 2 & Bruce Wilis
Michael Mercy joins Michelle Dyer on 570 News in Kitchener to discuss new on Blu-Ray and DVD, Expendables 2 and a career retrospective on Mr. Yippie Kay Yay, Bruce Willis. Courtesy of
Keywords: arts&culture; armchair directors; expendables 2; bruce willis; stallone; arnold; chuck norris; blu-ray; radio; movies; discussion; review; mercy; action; 80s
Downloads: 21
[audio]Cynthia Archer: Chuck Norris of Dunning Street
Cynthia Archer: Chuck Norris of Dunning Street
Keywords: Cynthia Archer: Chuck Norris of Dunning Street; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin; cynthia; archer; lesbian; partner; punch; slap; lol
Downloads: 298
[audio]EA Commentary: Lone Wolf McQuade -
Zach, Chris, Joe and Special Guest Ryan watch the Chuck Norris classic, Lone Wolf McQuade, for the latest Everything Action commentary. Queue it up on Netflix or get a hard copy of it and join us as try to figure out what "carate" is, why is there a dwarf arms dealer who's obsessed with pinball?, why is McQuade such a slob? and is McQuade's cop partner the worst cop in film history?
Keywords: everything action; commentary; joe; chris; zach; ryan; chuck norris; lone wolf mcquade; mexico; texas; texas ranger; david carradine; dwarf; arms dealing; karate; western
Downloads: 140
[movies]Funny or Die Video 0fd6746ee3: Huckabee? F**k Me! - Funny or Die
Jackie and Dunlap discuss the Mike Huckabee campaign.Will they take advantage of Dunlap's new slogan?
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Heather Mills; Iowa Poll; Jimmy Carter; Mike Huckabee; Ric Flair; The Mike; bass; preacher
Downloads: 6
[audio]Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #73 - Kevin, Mark & Parker
Explosions, mutants, aliens... it's all here on the latest episode of Junk Food Dinner. Up first, we stop a Soviet take over of the United States with the internet's favorite action star Chuck Norris when we take a look at the 1985 Cannon action flick Invasion U.S.A. Then, mutated fish monsters emerge from the water to wreak havoc on a sleepy fishing village and mate with bikini clad teens in the Roger Coreman produced creature feature Humanoids from the Deep (AKA Monster) from 1980...
Keywords: Junk Food Dinner; Podcast; film; movie; cult; horror; action; sci-fi; Invasion USA; Chuck Norris; Humanoids from the Deep; Monster; 1980; 1985; 2010; Monsters; Gareth Edwards
Downloads: 760
[audio]Junk Food Dinner Episode #84 - Kevin Moss, Mark Freado Jr, Parker Bowman
Junk Food Dinner returns like a flaming, golden, bearded (all 3 of us have beards right now, I think) phoenix! This week, our palette cleansing ban on horror brings us high kicks, guns, explosions, and hang-gliding! Up first, JFD alums Jimmy Wang Yu (Episode #45) and Brian Trenchard-Smith (Episode #6 & #59) team up and butt heads in the 1975 Ozploitation ass-kicking classic - THE MAN FROM HONG KONG! Next - Angie Dickenson, William Shatner, & Tom Skerritt star along side a whole host of Roger Co...
Keywords: The Man From Hong Kong; Big Bad Mama; Silent Rage; Chuck Norris; Brian Trenchard-Smith; Jimmy Wang Yu; Ozpolitation; Angie Dickenson; William Shatner; Robbie Lee; Tom Skerritt
Downloads: 421
[movies]Funny or Die Video 5e57e97338: Stupid Brain Syndrome - Funny or Die
The sequel to Surprised Brain Syndrome. Monroe Salby no longer suffers from SBS. SBS has caused his brain to learn everything. But once your brain knows it all where does it go from there?
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Brain syndrome; Chuck Norris; Nathan Barnatt; The Sequel; brigade; brothers; citizens; down; dumb; fall; hurt; pain; smart; stupid; upright
Downloads: 13
[movies]The Free For All Ep. 79 - Paradox In Time 4-12-13
This week on The Free For All: Andrew talks about the media blitz GFQ received from something said on another show. Andrew also explains the wild night he had where his wife and a friend both got lap dances. Joe from Staten Island calls in upset over the time paradox discussion from last week. Can you change the course of your life, or is your fate set in stone? The guys discuss the first porn they ever saw...
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; comedy; strip clubs; strippers; paradox; trophy husband; alcohol; porn; wrestling; vegas; tiny tim; chuck norris; hair loss
Downloads: 39
[audio]FilmWonk Podcast - Episode #25 - "The Expendables 2" (dir. Simon West) - FilmWonk
On our two-year anniversary show, we go back to the well and review the sequel to our very first podcast subject, The Expendables 2! Can the acting stylings of Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Randy Couture impress us a second time? Find out below! May contain some NSFW language. FilmWonk rating: 6.5/10 Show notes: Music for this episode comes from the score to the The Expendables by Brian Tyler. The director of photography for this film is Shelly Johnson...
Keywords: The Expendables 2; Sylvester Stallone; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Jason Statham; Jet Li; Dolph Lundgren; Chuck Norris; Jean-Claude Van Damme; Bruce Willis; Liam Hemsworth; Randy Couture
Downloads: 398
[movies]Funny or Die Video dd05e450e8: YOUR MOM'S VAGINA - Funny or Die

Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Jimmy Hoffa; Lochness; Lucky Charms; Sarah Silverman; Sex; Sexy; Stephen Hawking; Super Bowl; Tetris; The Beatles; Unicorn; Windows Vista
Downloads: 29
[movies]Funny or Die Video 10e6a35d17: Kick Boxin - Funny or Die
THe Next Great Martial Arts Epic is Born!!!!!
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Boxes; Bruce Lee; Bush; Chan; Chuck Norris; Jacie; Jet Lee; Judo; Karate; U 4; Will Ferrell; ass; kick boxing; martial arts; sex
Downloads: 11
[movies]Funny or Die Video 0b862cbad6: GIANTS WIN SUPER BOWL / LIVE INTERVIEW WITH CHUCK NORRIS - Funny or Die
Victor Cruz brings you the real news with coverage on the NY GIANTS winning the SUPER BOWL and a live interview with superstar/martial artist CHUCK NORRIS.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; The Real News; Chuck Norris; New York Giants; News; Real; Super Bowl; The NY Giants; The Super Bowl; Victor Cruz
Downloads: 13
[audio]Purple Programme EDIT 4 June 2009 - Nick Skeens
No Cough your Way to Fitness in this edition - I left it at home. But otherwise, in this programme: The elections - what for? The secret to long marriage; the Moroccan exodus - Painted Lady Butterflies invade our shores; the Air France plane crash - what happened? David Hughes talks to Cocker Freeman about the Maldon Art Centre; Water Music in Burnham; Darwin and the Beagle and the River Roach; half a million pounds of research concludes people don't like late trains; Chuck Norris, 2D crimefight...
Keywords: Purple Programme; Nick Skeens; Cocker Freeman; Laurence Porter; Saint FM; Burnham-on-Crouch; UK; humour; current affairs; community radio; The marriage; David Hughes; Water Music; Beagle; Darwin; Roach; trains; Chuck Norris; homework; fridges; pigs; Maria Carey; writers
Downloads: 28
[audio]Mighty Cast 54: Considering Martial Arts -
In this week's Mighty Cast, we discuss Martial Arts! * How did martial arts develop? * Who should study martial arts? * Which martial arts are still useful today? * When are martial arts harmful? These are some of the questions we set out to answer in addition to talking about martial arts based fitness classes, the practice of getting all spiritual with it, and most importantly... what's right for you! Enjoy!
Keywords: chris young; nicholas ritchey; mighty cast; get mighty now; wrestling; bare knuckle boxing; mma; muay thai; bjj; aikido; zen; spirituality; tae kwon do; karate; ju jutsu; judo; kung fu; krav manga; chuck norris
Downloads: 167
[movies]Michael Mercy on 570 News Radio: Men in Black 3 and Will Smith
Mercy and Michelle talk MIB III and Will Smith. Courtesy of
Keywords: arts&culture; armchair directors; expendables 2; bruce willis; stallone; arnold; chuck norris; blu-ray; radio; movies; discussion; review; mercy; action; 80s; men in black; tommy lee jones; fresh prince; i am legend; bad boyz; i robot; id4
Downloads: 4
[movies]Revolver 4 teaser: Jericho ("Adrenaline")
What ever happened to real men? Check out Michael Mercy's upcoming homage to 80's action movies & TV shows, "The Revolver 4," to find out!
Keywords: arts&culture; revolver 4; revolvers; guns; action; tv; movie; clint eastwood; chuck norris; stallone; arnold; lee marvin; bruce willis; john wayne; cowboy; western; cops; gold; action; a-team; maguver; dukes of hazzard
Downloads: 18
[movies]Funny or Die Video 316161e0cf: Seven Productions Movie Trailer - Funny or Die

Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Chuck Norris; Funny Movie; Jean Claude van Damme; Van damme; awesome; bitchin; bored; cool; dumb; extreme; movie trailer; nude; productions; rad; segal; seven; steven; sundays; thong; trailer; way
Downloads: 9
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983)(K-tel Software)
Commodore C64 Manual: Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983)(K-tel Software)
Keywords: monastery; superkick; belt; path; joystick; ninja; warriors; screen; enemies; thrust; chuck norris; yakuza warriors; thrust kick; black belt; somersault superkick; play action; tire button; forearm block; fire button; upper bodies
Downloads: 39
[movies]tweakers / 4381 / World of Warcraft - Chuck Norris tv-reclame
Blizzard gaat een nieuwe serie tv-reclames publiceren waarin beroemdheden figureren. In de eerste spot van deze serie speelt Chuck Norris de hoofdrol. De clip speelt in op de Norris-internethype.
Keywords: tweakers; 4381;

Blizzard gaat een nieuwe serie tv-reclames publiceren waarin beroemdheden figureren. In de eerste spot van deze serie speelt Chuck Norris de hoofdrol. De clip speelt in op de Norris-internethype.

Downloads: 7
[texts]Atari 2600 Manual: Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983)(Xonox)
Atari 2600 Manual: Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983)(Xonox)
Keywords: monastery; superkick; screen; defeat; game; warriors; belt; joystick; xonox; thrust; left joystick; chuck norris; thrust kick; video game; play action; player game; upper bodies; forearm block; somersault superkick; black belt
Downloads: 26
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4743e7abad: Have you seen my sister? - Funny or Die

Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; About a Boy; Blueberries; Chuck Norris; Films; Have You Seen; Jim Collins; Joel; Junk; Mangina; Mosher; Red Rabbits; Wet; and; cops; cornflakes; funny; hilarious; landlord; masterbation; missing; sister; snake
Downloads: 9
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep 216 "Too Many Transformers" -
This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about the future of Community, the mind numbing overload of Transformers: Age of Extinction, the best WWF announcers, creepy Disney trips, the Too Many Game convention and much more.News: Horrible Bosses 2 trailer, Expendables 3 is PG-13, Yahoo picks up Community, Chris' report from Too Many Games and the New Release Round Up.Show and Tell: Joe watched the Bronson "classic" Telefon and Escape from Tomorrow, Chris watched Prometheus and Zach watc...
Keywords: everything actioncast; podcast; episode; zach; chris; joe; community; expendables 3; horrible bosses 2; too many games; new release round up; charles bronson; chuck norris; telefon; escape from tomorrow; prometheus; transformers: age of extinction; mark wahlberg; the delta force; ultimate warrior
Downloads: 37
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